Bridging academic books, eLearning, self assessment and Social Q&A with measurable outcomes


It’s a product called UnivGURU, an android app that works well with a 10 inch Android Tablet (10 Inch preferred for better rendering). The app contains the academic syllabus, academic & reference materials as eBooks & eLearning videos that could be accessed online. The app also enables students to do a self-assessment for every chapter and lecturers to create quizzes to the students where these are stored in a centralised database that generates measurable outcomes or Students Performance Reports.

  • Other soft benefit is that student can be free of carrying books, notes, reference materials and even a pen to the class room.
  • Other features of the app includes, but not limited to:
    • Bookmarking pages
    • Highlighting important texts and phrases
    • Retrieving contents using Keyword Searches
    • Writing & Saving notes for future references
    • Taking photo of class whiteboard and tagging/storing to a particular heading or chapter
    • Raising questions to lecturers and peers connected through social Q&A and getting wide responses
    • Taking up self-assessment quiz for each chapter assigned to students
    • Participating in live quiz conducted by lecturers in the classroom


Core Problem?

  • Students: Engineering Students get to understand the subjects and could easily access related online materials. Further, through the chapter-wise self-assessment they could improve their knowledge on the subject and score relatively high.
  • Lecturers: The students assessment through chapter-end quizzes and students self-assessments are useful to understand the knowledge gained by the student group and individual student that could be used to improve their teaching methods
  • University: Improving teaching standards, and students achieving higher results and getting placed, brand of the university increases in the market
  • Academic book publishers: As the revenue generation will be streamlined, it boosts up the economy and thus encourages for other similar startups
  • ELearning Companies: eLearning companies can sell their product through this platform hassle free


Android App Screenshots